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Who is riding a kiting with a foil board? and what brand?


Just wanted to see how many of you guys are foil boarding and what foil board you are using… I am riding a Spotz foil.


Nice – can you turn it?


I am on an AlpineFoil. Super rad foil!

Some video here:


I spoke with some folks at MaiTai about the foils:

  1. They are a lot more fun than the regular kite race boards, that are very bouncy and rough.
  2. They are all hand made, very labor intensive, and very expensive.
  3. There’s a learning curve, so these probably will never be for the masses.
  4. Lots of pointy sharp things that could be dangerous, but less so than giant race fins.


I’ve been riding foils for over a year now (Brett Lickle was my instructor in Maui and he was fantastic)
I had a custom made kitesurf / hydrofoil board from MHL / LIFT in Puerto Rico (if anyone wants to contact them ask for Nick Leason- he’s the master designer). I cannot tell you how amazing it is!
In wind from 7 knots to 17 knots I use my hydrofoil and my 10m kite. From 17 knots to 30 knots I take off the foil and put on my surf fins and ride the same 10m kite! This is the perfect travel solution.

Here is what I LOVE about foiling:

  1. I’ve tripled my time on the water since I can ride in hardly any wind. this makes a huge difference in Florida.
  2. I can ride longer since there is no chop or bumpiness- you just float.
  3. You can increase the size of your playing field enormously. You cannot believe how far you can drive upwind.
  4. You can catch the smallest waves / rollers and surf for miles. It is an incredible feeling.
  5. You ride in total silence. It is almost like flying or skiing in bottomless powder.

Here are the challenges:

  1. They are expensive, but you only need to own one small kite if you own one- so may have some cost savings there.
  2. It hurts when you fall hard and the foil is very sharp and dangerous. Wear a helmet and impact vest!
  3. The learning curve is longer than you think. You will need 3 to 5 sessions before you feel comfortable on it.
  4. There is limited supply right now so all my friends keep bothering me to ride my foil!
  5. You can ride in less wind than you can re-launch your kite. I can ride upwind like a madman in 8 knots, but if the kite hits the water I have to swim in with all my gear (has happened several times)