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What's the best way to learn to forward loop?

A few years back, with the help of Matt Pritchard and Graham Ezzy, I was able to learn to do a forward loop on a windsurfer. I’d like to start a discussion of the most effective and safest ways to learn to forward loop. The more pictures and videos you attach, the better!

I love this comical video of learning the loop:

Here goes a little write up on how I teach people.


Getting Started

  1. Get a group of friends all at around the same level, Have every one throw in $100 bucks. The first person who waterstarts out of a loop, with their feet in the straps, wins the pot. (Another member of the loop group must witness the loop into waterstart)
  2. Purchase a: helmet, impact vest, earplugs, lucky rabbits foot, four-leaf clover, H20 Audio Mp3 Case…… anything to make you feel more confident. (90% guts 10% skill)
  3. Talk to someone who can loop.
    (see Wyatt Miller Windsurfing Clinic plug below)

On the Water

  1. Practice flinging yourself over the handle bars, NO FOOTSTRAPS, NO HARNESS, WITH BOARD GOING 0 MPH DEAD IN THE WATER!!)
  2. Do above 20 more times.
  3. Practice jumping upwind, baring off as much as possible in the air, landing downwind. (Extend your front arm in the air and point your toes.)
  4. Convince yourself that it is better to do a forward loop off of a small piece of chop, off the wind.
    Realize, initiating a forward loop from a jump into the wind will not work. (Unless you bare off significantly while in the air). Understand, that you do not have to get mast high in the air!, You do not even have to clear the nose of the board.
  5. Put on your new waterproof ipod case and headphones, listen to charged music. (90% guts, 10% skill)
  6. Wedge your feet in the straps.
  7. Sail across the wind with your back hand soooooo far back on the boom. Soooooooooo far back that it feels as if you can not sheet in normally!!!
  8. Jump FIRST,
    Bare off the wind Second, (By extending front hand as high and as far downwind as possible and pointing toes like ballerina.)
    Loop Third (By sheeting in, looking back, and trying to bite your knuckles on your back hand.)
  9. Close your eyes, hold on, keep trying to bite your knuckles.
  10. Hope one of the other people in your group are watching you.
  11. Don’t just do it once a day, go for it 20 times on your first day. Otherwise the fear creeps back. (Also maybe no one saw it = no money/bragging rights!!)
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I just got this video from Matt Pritchard: