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What is the best Waterproof Case for the iPhone 6?

I’ve always used the H20 (X-1) cases for paddling (SUP or Prone) but they don’t support the iPhone 6.

What’s the best one for the iPhone 6?


Purchasing phone from Verizon or Apple?

The WireCutter recommends getting AppleCare+ for watersports people:

However, it’s important to know that as with other waterproof cases, the warranty doesn’t cover the phone inside the case. If for some reason the Frē does leak, the cost of repair or replacement to the phone is on you. (LifeProof does have a Total Water Protection Plan, but it’s available only for cases purchased through Verizon and only with certain handsets; the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t on that list). For this reason, if you’re going to be using your iPhone in rough situations, we recommend purchasing Apple’s AppleCare+ warranty for your phone; AppleCare+ covers accidental damage, including liquid damage.

Did you ever find a good case? I broke my Fre case, and then destroyed my leather case when my phone slipped out of my thigh pocket on my motorcycle. Amazingly the phone survived, so I’m thinking about another waterproof case.

I’ve also been looking at a Garmin Vivoactive watch for tracking kite sessions, but I haven’t been able to confirm that it works well for that. I’ve heard the 920xt is good, but it’s huge and $500. The apple watch is a non starter due to crummy waterproofing and no gps.

It occurs to me that a phone is good insurance on the water, if it works, but I’ve broken several waterproof cases now, luckily not on the water yet.


H2O Audio is being re-born. Maybe they will have something?