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Summer Surf Trip

Any of my friends ever been to Kandui? Nomatu? Togat Nusa? Any comparisons to a boat trip? Good for family? Any other recommendations for a family friendly place to surf this summer, preferably with A/C and Internet. Or maybe a different trip with the family…I’m looking for consistent, good surf that won’t be crazy crowded. I’d rather have consistent waves that are less crowded, than superb waves with a crowd. Fickle is bad when planning a trip in advance. Considering Bali, other spots in Indo, or even Central America or South Pacific. You can drag and drop pictures into your posts, and you can posts youtube or vimeo links so long as the link is by itself on a line.

@justin, Surfline just posted a feature, practically an infomercial for Kandui Resort, documenting the first significant swell of the season. Looks dreamy…


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Ha, place wasn’t exactly a secret, but that article won’t improve availability any.

It looks like I’m going to Namotu, Fiji for a week in late July, and I’m trying to figure out if I want to extend the trip for a week over at Matanivusi. Any feedback on your experiences at Mananivusi (or Namotu) would be greatly appreciated. I’m much more interested in reasonable quality, with consistency and moderate crowds, than ultra high quality and very crowded. I heard that the breaks at Matanivusi are now less crowded because folks are going to Cloudbreak after the laws changed and opened up Cloudbreak to everybody.

I also heard it’s good to go a the Tuesday prior to the week in Namotu and to surf the other spots for a few days, and then on the tail end of the trip, on the last Saturday, stay the night at a hotel in Fiji before flying home on the Sunday.

@justin, thought of you when I saw this photo in this piece on Surfline today. Check out how Shane Dorian is tilting his board up to capture Jon Roseman’s barrel. Also, notice how Jon appears to be wearing his leash on his right foot! I always thought this was a recipe for foot tangling upon takeoff.

Look forward to hearing your account of what it’s like to surf Cloudbreak. My friends tell me it’s a very big playing field, very powerful, and tricky to get good positioning in the lineup, and on waves.

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Fiji looks like an interesting option compared to Indo or Central America. Have any of my friends been to waidroka.com/surfing? The Frigates break looks pretty interesting:

From waidroka.com

FRIGATES – World Class and one of the best surf breaks in Fiji – can rival Cloudbreak on a good day and will pick up a couple of more foot in wave height than any of the local breaks due to its location 20 km out to sea. SE Trades are offshore so it is a great choice of wave once local breaks become smaller or are blown out due to trades – Frigates will mostly deliver! Frigate’s is a powerful, fast and consistent hollow left. Big barrels, long rides and works at all tides! Most surfers that had a few sessions at Frigates will come back to Fiji to surf Frigates again and again. Longest ride 150 m plus with a relatively easy take-off (unless it gets BIGGGG…), with various sections, down to the last inside section with a hollow barrel (drop out at low tide since it gets very shallow). An epic and one of the most fun waves in the Pacific!

Stayed at Matanivusi twice - and Brian has a great program going. A lot lower key than Tavi or Namotu but really nice modern design for the bures you stay in. They have a good fast boat to get to Frigates - but that break is susceptable to wind a lot more than cloudbreak. The good thing is there is some good breaks right there on the reef right by Matanivusi. Left and right out of the main channel about 800m from the resort. Tide affected though - a little like restaurants. Totally recommend it as the surf is less crowded than around the Tavi-Namotu scene now. Internet was not great (but that was 4 years ago - and may have improved by now).

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