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The primary sponsor of TalkSurf.com is Hot Coconut, LLC, a partnership between Justin Gordon (@justin) and Steve de Brun (@steve). Please see the Why Register and About Us page to learn more about Justin and Steve and what they hope to get out of TalkSurf.com.

Big Mahalo to our sponsors that have donated gifts to give to contributors of TalkSurf.com.

  1. Handsome Bugga Productions and @handsomebugga: $150 race entry to the Maui to Molokai Race July 12, 2014

  2. Adventure Sports Maui and @Chris: 2 $55 race entries to the 2014 Maui Paddleboard Race.

If you’d like to contribute a sponsorship gift to encourage contributions, please email us at info@talksurf.com. All sponsor gifts are going 100% to the community to support the creation of valuable community content.

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