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September surfing


I’ll be on Maui mid-September and am hoping to find a place to stay that’s close to a reliable spot for beginning to intermediate surfers. Can someone recommend what’s best? I have heard that this time of year might be a bit difficult but am hoping there are some good options.


Hi JS, in September there’s pretty consistent small surf from the southern hemisphere, with the occasional large swell. If you’re coming for a while and want to maximize your time in the water in beginner (longboard or sup) conditions, my somewhat odd but best advice is to buy a van and camp out near whatever spot looks good to you around Thousand Peaks – between Maalaea and Lahaina.


@Garrett, just wanted to follow up to say thanks so much! I believe you that the van is best – this turned out to be really useful planning info even though we did end up a bit more traditional, with a rental place at the south end of Lahaina. 'very happy to be getting on the water.


@Garrett, you were wrong. This week in September, the north shore was the place to be! Stick to farming avocados.


Ha! Happy to be wrong on this one. But the southern ocean’s not done yet.