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Self Launching Naish Kites -- Not Recommended?

In the 2014 Naish Kite Manual, on Page 24, it states:

Self launch – Self launching is not recommended. It is dangerous and puts extra strain on the leading edge, canopy, and other components.

Any thoughts on this recommendation?

I checked the 2013 Naish Manual, and that recommendation is not there.

I think that’s pretty spot on - self launching is tough on the kites, and more dangerous to the kiter; there are more chances for something to go wrong while you’re getting ready to launch. I still self launch much of the time, but I’ll gladly take an assisted launch if its offered.

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When I first started kiting many, many moons ago in Seattle, I destroyed at least three kites self launching. I quickly figured out that the leading edge sliding along the barnacles on the rocks lead to tears that eventually made their way to the bladder and POW. I was probably the first (and only) guy who successfully claimed a warranty the first time this happened. Long story short, if you’re on a nice, sandy beach free of debris with steady wind and can get the right angle, I don’t think self-launching is a big deal at all. Take away any of those requirements, you end up asking for trouble.

@benholz, how about Baby Beach with lots of sticks and little pieces of coral in the sand? I’d say an assisted launch when possible is a bit better for wear and tear on the kite.

@justin I’ve never had any issues on any spot on Maui with the exception of La Perouse where in a wise moment of reevaluation, I bailed on even attempting it. I even had my kite slide across the reef a few times at Lanes with no apparent harm (even though my feet took a beating chasing it down).