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Self-Landing at Baldwin beach


This is related to the discussion:

However, I’m looking for guidance as is applicable to launching in the gusty, onshore winds at the west end of Baldwin Beach (aka Baby Beach).

@SJS, any tips for Baldwin?


The Baldwin kite launch area has just recently been opened to windsports. It’s important that we are accident free and courteous of beach goers to keep this jewel open. Lifeguards are being patient while everyone learns the rules, but ultimately have the final say in allowing us access.
One common problem is the swim zone extends 1000’ from shore, (1/2 way to Baldwin reef), and kiters often surf the shorebreak while hanging their kites over beach goers. Sorry but the law is slow no wake within 200’ of land, or non kiters. The swim zone starts at the rocks 200 yards east of our launch site which was, and soon will be again, marked by MKC,s FAA no kite zone sign. We will also post a swim zone sign as well. Please wait for beach walkers to pass before launching/ landing your kite. The safest way to launch/ land here at this unprotected very windy beach is the sand anchor.
There are a few ropes tied to trees where we launch, with loops on the ends. Simply attach your chicken loop to this rope, walk to your kite, launch it like your buddy was holding the bar, and it sits on it’s wingtip waiting for you to hook in and fly away. Same with landing, drop your kite on the beach at the windows edge, connect the loop, walk to your kite and drop it. Too easy!
Another technique to self launch/land, is covered in these videos. I practiced both of these today. Good thing too as they require practice, skill and confidence. Check out the videos and get back to me. Steve