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Mellow valley isle spot to take my Dad SUP cruising

Like the idea of this forum, thanks for the heads up Garett!

Question… My dad is visiting Maui and I want to get him out for a mellow cruise session on an SUP. After getting some new hips his windsurfing and surfing days are over. It will be his first time on an SUP but he is an old school waterman so he should pick it up fairly quickly. Is there somewhere with flat water that someone can recommend? I was thinking Kihei in the morning before the trades kick in but where? Also any recommendations on board size to get him started? He is a big boy, 6’4" + 230lb.


Hey Jarad, the best spot I know of is a little past Grandma’s – pull off the highway one mile after the tunnel on the way to Lahaina. Very pretty reef, with some nice channels through it, and usually some small waves to play with. Just make sure to warn your dad about the reef! Always fall flat when in shallow water, and never touch the bottom.

Get the widest board available. Like, if it fits in any car you have, it’s too small. Gotta go on top. If it has a vessel ID sticker on the side, even better.

Great advice once again Garrett. Thanks!