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Maui to Molokai Race Info

We’ll use this topic to post notes on the Maui to Molokai race. @jerry and I are looking forward to the race.

From @handsomebugga:
Aloha Everyone, Counting down for the M2Molokai Race July 12th (5 days out) and the Maui PaddleBoard Race July 20th (13 days out) Maliko to Kahului Harbor. We are excited for both races to happen in July and we are looking forward for seeing you all as well.

Here’s information for this coming week for all competitors for M2Molokai & Maui PaddleBoard Race Pre-Registration info & competitors race package:

Place: Adventure Sports Maui 400 Hana Hwy
Date: July 10, 2014
Time: 5 PM to 7 PM

Let others know we are accepting Race Entry for both events NOW’ and Registration day.
Winds are looking good for July 12th, Moderate+ 15-20 knots to breezy East-ENE Trades look to prevail through much of next week.

Here’s more info for Maui PaddleBoard Race: www.MauiPaddleRace.com Goof fun we going have, Malama Ke Kai!

Any advice on how much water and food to carry for the race, which should take 3-4 hours? And any particular brands of food and electrolytes?

Great question! We will have plenty of water (5 gallons) to mix with packets of NanoMinerals & NanoLean -get at http://www.fit4maui.com/order
I will also be providing samples of this in everyone’s goodie bags. It’s great stuff to keep from cramping and NanoLean give you real wings…no crash. My crew likes peanut butter n jellies on Hawaiian sweet bread, chocolate covered mac nuts and some surprises miss Jaecey Suda is going to bring along as well. Can’t wait! We did a practice paddle yesterday out in the channel and it was a LOT of fun.

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Here’s an interview I did recently with SUP Connect magazine, mostly about nutrition.

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Anybody going from Kahului or Sprecks to the race on Saturday morning? I’m looking to carpool.

Forecast for Maui to Molokai is SOLID!

Details here:

Here’s a really detailed article with links to several helpful videos:

Maui to Molokai race 2012, race recap by Bill Boyum and Robert Stehlik

Garmin GPS course