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Learning to jibe a Kiteboard? Tips?

Yesterday was my first day trying to jibe a kiteboard. @Garrett gave me some brief tips. There’s tons of stuff on Google to learn this, if you search for Jibe Kiteboard Tutorial. Which video or article is best? Any Maui instructor that would really speed up the process?

I almost stayed on my feet a couple of times, but here’s what tended to go wrong:

  1. Kite would depower when getting speed downwind, and kite would start to fall out of sky.
  2. Board would shoot out in front of me as I switched my feet.
  3. I would bring the kite too far to the edge of the wind window when I turned, and the kite would lose power.


I like Robby Naish’s technique of gybing before or after the turn, such that you always get to do the actual turn on your preferred foot forward. Also, I found it a lot easier to work on without straps, and then work on the strapped technique after I had it down strapless. I need some more practice with straps now though, spent too long just riding strapless. :slight_smile:

@Wade, that is exactly what is shown in this video. What about using a board with straps? Should I remove the straps until I can jibe?

I found it much easier to gybe strapless when I was learning as well. You spend less time looking down, fiddling with your feet inside the straps, and more time and energy focusing on kite position and weight position.

Here’s another video showing that:

And this one excellent for showing the foot work when using a front strap:

And Ben Wilson:

This article is very helpful: How to gybe a surfboard

Definitely, start strapless. Also, don’t be afraid to step forward of the typical riding position during the transition, until you get your speed back up…

Good Luck

I got a few tips from Kai Lenny today (Thanks Kai!). I mentioned my trouble with oversheeting the kite during the jibe and he mentioned the importance of keeping a real light touch on the bar until the board is solidly on a new edge. He also mentioned that when you jibe, you essentially want to bring the kite up and follow the direction of the kite with the board.

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