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Kite Locations in Maui


Here’s a great overview of kiting access spots in Maui: http://www.mauikiteboardingassociation.com/kitemaps.html

It states that there is no access at Sugar Cove and Baldwin Beach (aka Baby Beach). What’s the latest on that? @Garrett?


Aloha @justin and @Garrett. Those websites info has not been updated for a while. In the last decade kitesurfing has been widely accepted anywhere windsurfing is. Of course some hard core old school windsurfers may deny it.

Maui kitesurfing COMMUNITY, which holds the FAA waiver for Maui’s North shore, has been diligently working with lifeguards, DLNR, and windsurfers, to gain acceptance in the community, and win new launch sites. Baldwin beach is a recent addition, but requires good self launch and land skills as the beach is very exposed to trades. It’s safest and easiest to use the ropes tied to the trees to launch and land if no kiters are around.

There is a swim zone 200yds upwind, so no kiting inside 1000’ offshore. Also no kiting the shorebreak anywhere because of the no kite 22’ from non kiters LAW!

Sugar Cove is legal but harder to launch, and the FAA no kite zone is not far offshore, and goes past camp one. Check out the FAA map on our website.


@SJS, thanks for all the work to protect access. Any chance of making a video on launching and landing safely at Baldwin?


Thanks @SJS, for your efforts and the info.


MKS has realized the need for info of this type for each launch site. They all have specific characteristics to be aware of. Phil Sobolev has started some filming but will take time.

Meanwhile, youtube sand anchors and several good videos will appear. It is by far the most beginner friendly method to self launch & land. The ropes are already there, just attach chicken loop to rope loop and launch/ drop at windows edge. I’ll send a link when I can.