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Kite access and the swimming areas at Kite Beach

At the recent MaiTai Kite event at Pro Beach (west end of Kite Beach in Maui), I heard some talk of issues with kiters kiting into the pro-pool.

I found tons of details about the process on this website Kanaha Watch.

Here’s a Maui News article, from May 10, 2014: Swim Zones to be Enforced at Ka’a Point Over Safety Concerns. The article basically asserts that kiters are endangering swimmers at Kanaha, and they may need to be more thoroughly regulated.

I saw the following post from Ian Ponting on Facebook in April:

Aloha - Here is an update on the Swim Zone Issue: DOBOR has created an access group to hash out the issues at Kanaha. This group is tasked with assessing the 1988 Swim Zones and creating a solution that works for the community at large.

Kites need to be aware of other water users and avoid any conflict. This includes the ‘Gap’ at Kite beach This is debated as a swim zone and we need to stay away from it!

Any riders con adhering to this are just making the process harder. Please help!

Here’s a map from the Kanaha Watch website:

Any more info on the topic?

Hey Justin
The DLNR and user group appointees have been meeting to discuss. The groups recommendation will be known soon, and will hopefully be as the picture shows. However, kiters aren’t getting much sympathy from other users. It’s a long process, We’ll keep you posted