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Jeremy Riggs Knows Fine Tuning for All Conditions

For those who know Jeremy Riggs, you’d all agree he is one heck of a “stand up” guy. No pun intended. As I prepare for my first M20 this July, I knew he’d have a few jewels to share and wow did I score the best nuggets today.

I can’t tell you all of his secrets. you’ll just have to hire him yourself and find out. I have a few things to work on in just two months and he gave me a fresh perspective on how to conserve my energy when I’ll need it most. Just one example of the fine points he shared.

He is very patient and allows me to find a language that works well for my brain to learn. Like for me as a former dirt biker “full throttle” vs half open. He laughed and said, “I’ve never dirt biked, but if that helps you… ?” Funny.

Get on board with Jeremy to increase your fun and speed on your next downwind adventure. Mahalo JR Suzie

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Thanks @suzie! @beau and I are planning a Maliko run tomorrow with Jeremy. We’ll surely have a few beginner pointers after the run.

I had a great lesson with @jeremy the other day. I’d done a few downwind runs with @justin before the lesson, but really improved after spending an hour with @jeremy. I don’t have any previous surfing experience, so was having a really hard time catching any waves. A things @jeremy did to help:

  1. Brought a wider, more beginner-friendly board than what I’d been using.
  2. To catch the wave, told me to watch the nose of the board and start paddling once it changes direction.
  3. Encouraged short, quick strokes for the sprint.
  4. Instead of switching to a surfer stance (which always causes me to lose balance and bail), he told me to get into a squat and drag the blade beside me in the water for balance.

There are of course too many details to try and list here, it’s definitely worth taking lessons from an experienced coach like @jeremy!

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