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Hurricane Swell in Southern California, August 2014


How’s this video of Laird shooting the pier at Malibu:

@steve, Did you get out there?

Quoting Surfer Mag:

And all is again right with the world. Used to be, a massive, once-in-a-decade swell would show up to pound a reef or sandbar somewhere, and there, swooping out of the heavens to ride the biggest wave of the day, would be Laird Hamilton, astride a futuristic tow board or some enormous surf ski contraption that the rest of the world had long since forgotten.

Hurricane Marie is baring her teeth right now at Malibu, and just before dark yesterday, Laird was there to SUP into a beaut, high-lining it across first point, all the way through the pier. Possibly, he didn’t even notice the pier. Also, equally possible, he was riding a pier piling.

After this wave, Laird ascended back to the galactic realm of infinity to resume his role as Silver Surfer.


Here’s another one, drone footage, without the paddle.


@justin I got out there but choose a spot up the coast that was empty and hectic fun. I wonder if that last video - the non-SUPer, was Allen Sarlo. I heard he shot the pier six times yesterday.


Confirmed, it was Allen Sarlo. I kite with him around here. His nickname is “the wave killer.”


“Dusty Payne said the point was as powerful as any wave he’s gotten at Pipe.”