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Fiji Surf Trip


Here’s my notes on my Fiji Surf Trip. I’ll be updating this post as the week goes on.

Some pictures here on Facebook

Some things to bring

  1. Camelback type packs are awesome for the boat trips, especially if you’re taking boat trips from the Fiji Surf Company. They give you 1L of water, but that’s not enough for a surf trip from 8:00 to 2 or even 5pm!

  2. Consider bringing some board bags that go well into the boats. By that, I mean, having shoulder straps is great, and extra padding really helps. Next time, I’m bringing a well padded double travel bag inside of a coffin bag. I already got a couple dings on my boards from bouncing around the boats, and I brought board socks.

  3. Other stuff:
    a. Aussie power adapter
    b. Ear plugs and eye mask, in case you’re in the 5 man room at Namotu.
    c. A sweatshirt or jacket for boat rides, and when it gets cold.

  4. Waterproof Fuji camera (Costco, $200) is awesome for boat trips! and all around durability. Really fun.


  1. Totally recommend the Fiji Surf Company’s boat trips. Captain Salty (Mr. Drui) was amazing!!! Ian, the owner, is great as well. When conditions justified, we were able to talk speak to Ian and stay an extra 2 hours.
  2. Staying in Nadi (http://www.sonaisali.com/) and taking the daily boat trips is really not bad. Takes about 30 minutes from the dock if you go straight to Cloudbreak with the Fiji Surf Company. Sonaisali is right at the dock where the boats leave.


  1. Rumors of the quality of the food and service at Namotu are definitely true. Very good stuff! It’s better than Mama’s fish house in Maui! No joke.


  1. Weather in Fiji is unreal. Very similar to Maui in the winter. Water temp is also the same as Maui.

Sunday, 7/20/14

So far, we had 3 days of Cloudbreak, and a session at Wilkes, and some fishing today (but not even a strike yet).



Captain Salty with Justin

Justin and Vince with Ian of the Fiji Surf Company


Stay tuned for more updates as the week goes on.