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Favorite Videos of Maui

Let’s have a topic of favorite Maui videos. :slight_smile:

This video of Kai Lenny just came out today. While I doubt that “The Weather Channel” is Kai’s first or only app to check conditions, this is a seriously cool video nonetheless. Kai’s the poster child of the TalkSurf.com site, as he does every possible sport that would be discussed here, and does them all well. BTW, I got to love the fact that the image on the video is a stone’s throw away from where I’m sitting as I write this post!

My favorite video tells the story of the Wesh family during their last winter on Maui. Julien Taboulet, from France is a Naish pro windsurfer and also a very good SUPer. There is an unbelievable clip of him wavesailing at Lanes on a big Kona day last january !

This is one of my all time favorites. Again, our backyard in Maui! If you think you’re too old to enjoy the water, or you want to be inspired, watch this:


How’s this video of Albee Layer? Rad!