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Favorite Surfing Videos

Topic for posting your favorite surf clips. Just hit reply and post your favorite clips.

Here’s a couple favs that I just saw:


Below is one of the craziest barrels you’ll ever see at Desert Point with Koby Aberton:

Desert Point, Lombok, Indonesia. The place grows on you. Like really… it grows and grows and grows until only the most cavalier surfers (guys like Andy, Wardo, Mason) are left standing at the edge of the reef… or, more likely, on top of the reef. When it’s small, average surfers usually get murked on the first section. When it’s medium-sized, intermediate surfers usually get the wave of their life… and then get murked by the second section. When it’s firing, good surfers usually make two or three sections before going down. And when it’s maxing, exceptional surfers like Koby Abberton do this.

And this free movie from Vans rocks. It’s playing right now in HD on 1250 in Hawaii, and you can download it here: http://offthewall.tv/show/getnclassic_vol2/

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How’s this footage of the 2014 Teahupo’o Contest:

These are some classic videos that I love to watch on a regular basis…
Flawless technique and motivates me to surf as if we really needed any excuse to do so.
If you ever feel like you are getting in a rut with your surfing take out a longer board. I sometimes take out one of my 7’6" guns on small days just to get a different sensation. It is a great thing too because the more familiar you are with your bigger equipment the more confidence you will have when it really counts…

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Another Occy video from @doug:

This is a fun one to watch!

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Cool videos! What atmosphere! I have never tried surfing(( And I have never even seen ocean! So videos like these are my chance to see what it is like to be on a surf! Or, you know what would be another option? It is VR something like this, but I think the technology should be altered to give more personalized experience (like this)

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