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Favorite Kitesurfing Videos

Inspiring video of Hannah Whitely in Cape Town, South Africa. Nice edit!

Please reply with your favorite kitesurfing videos here.

A few years old, but this is still one of my favorites:

It’s worth downloading the full res version at


Less classy, but this one is also fun :slight_smile:

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This video of Keahi is incredible

Seeing as there’s not too much I can do at the moment, I figured it was worth making use of some footage from the our 2014 Cabrinha photoshoot where we scored the best conditions I’ve ever had for a shoot. Shot during the winter of 2013, here are some of the best clips as well a bunch of clips that never saw the light of day. Footage by Anders Krüger and Reo Stevens and edit by Daniel O’Sullivan. Enjoy!