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Cross training for surfing with prone paddleboarding

I’m really enjoying my Bark 14’0 prone paddleboard. I’ve finally able to knee paddle reasonably well, and it’s SUPER fun catching downwind bumps from Maliko to Sugar Cove, Maui.

I got the paddleboard for training for traditional surfing, and I’m wondering if my training is suboptimal if I’m focusing on knee paddling, as I would never do that in regular surfing. On the other hand, knee paddling seems awesome for balance and developing new muscle groups. Plus, it’s super fun.

The bottom of the board is a displacement hull like a canoe, so it’s super tippy, and that’s what kind of makes the downwind bump riding fun and challenging.

Here is my opinion. I prone paddle to keep in shape for surfing and to improve my wave catching strength. I have no time to knee paddle as it does not work my paddle surfing muscles. If I was doing competitive distance races then it would be a different story.

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I got a chance to speak with Kai Lenny today. He told me that he paddles on his stomach just to start out a downwinder, and then paddles on his knees the rest of the distance, as knee paddling is faster and more fun.

I have been primarily doing prone but just recently got up on my knees. Prone is definitely the best training for surfing in the summer. However, for an intense workout nothing beats knee paddling especially on a down wind Maliko run. Flat water is one thing but on a bumpy conditions it really challenges your balance and works your core.