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Combo Board for Flat Water/Racing & Downwind?

Is there a board made today that is good at flat water paddling/racing and going downwind in legit conditions? Or, are these separate genres requiring separate designs using specific elements particular to the purpose.

@gniblock, I’ve been asking around, plus I tried out the 2013 SIC-12 (newer model SIC X Pro 12.6). While I haven’t tried it out the new Javelin LE, I see folks downwinding on Maui using them all the time.

In regards to the one time I used the SIC X-12, all I can say is that it was way more challenging than using my bullet. As you can see from this video I took on the X-12 run, it catches bumps just fine, and it’s stable enough that I can film my friend, @beau, using my SIC Bullet '17. It’s worth mentioning that @beau’s been only downwinding a month or so, and he’s catching great glides in the Bullet!

Some other comparisons to the Bullet 17:

  • I had to work way harder to catch bumps!
  • It’s way less stable, yet I still didn’t fall once.
  • My friends own 2 of the X-12s, and he always uses the X-12 for shorter Sugar Cove runs.
  • For a short run of Maliko to Sugar Cove, I find the Bullet 17 to be too easy.
  • I think with a few more runs on the X-12, I’d love it!

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