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Avoiding the Giant SPLASH in the Face

@colleenhoneygirl and @HoganKania, what do I do about getting the giant SPLASH in the face when I’m on a big swell on my stomach and the nose of the board dives into the back of the swell in front of me? Should I be hitting the breaks with my hands? It’s not like you can steer that round hull too easily?

By the way, now that I’m getting some power into my knee paddling, and falling less, I’m LOVING the knee paddling in the swells.

I am constantly moving up and back on my board. When you are on a swell and riding a bump, it’s important to slide back so the nose doesn’t dive down too far. Similar goes for when you catch bumps on your knees. You don’t need to slide as much back and forth as leaning back so the nose doesn’t dive. Of course you can’t stop all the splashes in the face, so I like to wear shades and sometimes a visor to block some of it out. Try to remember to not have your mouth wide open, otherwise you will get a mouth full of salt water. Been there, done that. LOL. Glad to see you’re proning now!

Great response Colleen. Its good practice to be comfortable on different parts of the board. Just like SUP, when you observe the water forward of you is becoming steeper one naturally adjusts, typically bringing the back foot closer to the tail. Same concept with paddleboard, moving aft will spare the paddler from the giant splash and subsequent pearl of the nose. Continuing your forward momentum. Like Colleen I also find myself doing this continually during good downwind days.

I find the most efficient way to make this adjustment is getting into a plank position with hands firmly planted on the rails, toes tucked on the board, just like a push up and scooting back swiftly. Once the moment has passed that you risked pearling, getting splashed and losing the glide, utilize the same movement to get back into the sweet spot.

We all make small adjustment consistently no matter what the conditions are like, the only difference is this technique is done WHILE on a glide and will take some practice. Practice in flat water. Moving forward and back. Prone to knees. Paddleboard burpees!

Aloha & Have Fun