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Alan Cadiz's Back Injury


Here’s the update on Alan Cadiz, copied from his Facebook page:

Aloha everyone! It’s been a full week since my injury. I fractured a vertebra in my mid back. I am now out of bed and wearing a back brace. Pain is minimal now and I am taking short walks. With time, ?, I should make a full recovery.

I am very thankful to all the surfers that came to my aid in the water. Very lucky for me they where all off duty fireman and on duty lifeguards. I was surrounded by first responders.

I wiped out on a late take off, went head first into the wave below. On impact i heard and felt my back CRACK and then my waist down went numb. In that moment I could not deny what just happened. The fracture of the vertebra shocked my spinal cord causing the loss of feeling.

I believe the help I received from my rescuers prevented any further damage to my future lifestyle and for that I am truly grateful. And to all have prayed and wished me well, thank you.

I am looking forward to seeing you again.