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Airline Tips

Let’s discuss some tips for Airlines.

Travel tips for Hawaiian Inter Island flights:

  1. Fares online are cheaper than at the airport desk.
  2. The airport desk also charges a $35 “convenience” fee for booking at the airport.
  3. You need to book online at least 1.5 to 2 hours (?) ahead of departure.
  4. The Hawaiian Airlines iOS App is pretty decent.
  5. Fare prices may go down as you get closer to your travel date, or they may go up.
  6. Baggage fees: Surfboard: $35, Suitcase: $15.

In a recent case, I could have booked a $57 inter island one way ticket, Oahu to Maui, and the airport desk wanted $85 + $35 for the ticket ($120). So more than 2X different! But, I wanted to buy a ticket for a flight in 70 minutes, and I couldn’t do that online. So I had to book a ticket for departure in about 100 minutes.

Here’s an article that can be useful: