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Adventure Sports Maui Paddleboard Race 2014

Registration is open! 2014 Adventure Sports Maui Paddleboard Race - July 20th 2014 www.MauiPaddleRace.com

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!! Maliko to Kahului harbor 9.5 miles with a rocking after party…

Race Tips Going from Maliko to the Harbor

  1. Stay far enough outside the coastline, pointing at the V in the Iao Valley.
  2. Don’t miss the start! Be sure to get outside with the pack if the the start is an open water start.
  3. You will often catch waves paddling on the right, steering the board toward the shore, and then steer left on the swell to move away from the shore. If you keep riding waves toward the shore, you’ll be in too close.
  4. If there’s bumps, it’s far more important to catch the bumps than just paddling “hard”.
  5. Don’t fall!
  6. Once inside the harbor, avoid the wind by staying in the upwind side of the harbor, making a tight left after you enter the harbor.

Here’s a few more pictures.