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Difference between NORTH NEO 2013 Kite and NORTH NEO 2014 Kite?


last week i saw a person at Kitebeach that is abaout my weight and uses the same kind of surfboarf then me. She sailed the new NEO 2014 in size 7, me the NEO 2013 in size 8. She was going in and out, for me it was hardly possible to keep the kite up in the air?!

Is that all tecnique or has the kite improved so much???

What are your thoughts? Thanks


That’s all technique, Michael. Turbulent air is where kite handling experience pays off the most. A good kiter can buzz into Kitebeach for a quick drink, with a couple tricks along the way, while the turbulent east wind beginner horror show has most kites in the water.